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thank you for showing interest in collaborating with us, you will hear from us shortly.

a confirmation message has been sent to your email address.

we are always keen to collaborate with young creatives. whether you are an artist, you own a store, or you just simply like to make random stuf, if you feel like your works matches the identity of collectabun, please don't hesitate to shoot us a message.


please include the following:

- who are you?

not just a name, tell us more about yourself or your brand.


- why do you want to collaborate with collectabun?

and how do we match?

- what can you do for us and what can we do for you?

after all, this collaboration should be beneficial for all parties involved.


- last, but definitely not least: show us some of your work.

through an instagram link, through a website, through whatever, we don't care, we just want to see your work. if you rather add some files to the message, please email us directly to

please allow us up to 10 working days to get back to you.

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