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store policy

1 general

1.1 this website and all of its content is property of collectabun, and therefore can not freely be used by third parties.

1.2 all collectabun products have a hand made aspect and therefore products can differ from the pictures, which can result in slightly flawed products. collectabun will determine whether a product is too flawed to be sold.

collectabun understands and respects that other people might have a different definition of "too flawed". if a customer thinks his/her/their product is too flawed: please refer to chapter 2 of this store polacy.

2 returns & refunds

2.1 once the payment has been received by collectabun and your order has been processed, it will not be possible to cancel your order anymore.

2.2 to return or exchange a product, the customer needs to contact collectabun's customer service ( after which a return form and a return shipping address will be provided. the return form needs to be included in the return shipment in order for collectabun to accept the retun.

2.3 apparel items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days upon arrival if

- the labels are still attached.

- there are no signs of damage, wear or tear by the customer.

2.4 collectible items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days upon arrival if

- the product is still in its original packaging.

- there are no signs of damage, wear or tear by the customer.

2.5 collectabun will judge if a full refund is justified upon receiving the returned product. other possible solutions include:

- a partial refund

- an exchange

- store credit

- a discount code for the next order

2.6 in case of a full refund, collectabun will refund the costs of the product(s) + the initial shipping costs within 10 working days.

2.7 return shipping, additional import costs and any other costs made by the buyer after buying the product(s), will not be refunded.

3 shipping

3.1 shipping costs are for the buyer and differ based on the destination and the type of products.

3.2 free shipping applies for domestic orders over €100, and international orders over €300.

3.3 collectabun is allowed 10 working days to process the order.

3.4 collectabun will not ship an order before payment has been completed.

3.5 shipping times are according to those of PostNL.

3.6 collectabun is not responsible for any additional costs upon arrival - i.e. import tax.

3.7 collectabun makes use of tracked mailbox packages (only domestic), tracked regular packages, and tracked insured packages. collectabun decides which shipment method is used for which product. the customer will receive tracking information once the order has been fully processed.

3.8 it is up to the customer to pay return shipping - the customer is allowed to use any shipping company of choice. please refer to chapter 2 of this store policy.

4 payment

4.1 collectabun accepts the following payment methods:

- Credit / Debit Cards

- iDeal
- PayPal

4.2 orders will not be shipped before payment has been completed.

4.3 if something is wrong with your payment, collectabun will email you to resolve the problem.

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